Trello is a free tool to visually organize projects, lists, and due dates with a collaborative group.

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Task #1: Click on the link above to go to Trello and create a free account.

Task #2: Create a new board with tasks for an upcoming project or to keep track of resources for individual teachers to prepare for upcoming post-observation conferences.

Click here for Trello App from iTunes

Click here for Trello App from Google Play
Administrative Implications
Use Trello to organize your next collaborative school project. Principals can assign specific tasks to certain people and provide resources for each task. Consider using to Trello to organize your teachers' extra duties at the beginning of the year such as lunch duty, bus duty, etc. Principals could also use Trello to keep track of upcoming teacher observations and to add cards based on post-conference resources. It could also be used as a tool for data walls.

Classroom Implications

Teachers can use Trello to organize class projects or grade level and PLC groups.

Additional Resources
Take a tour of Trello here - Trello Tour.
Read the article Getting Started with Trello or skim the other help articles available - Trello Help.

Using Trello in Schools Video

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