February 6, 2013: Updates to NCEES Evaluation Process Manuals

Both updated manuals are now located on the NCEES wiki.

Evaluation Process Manuals Updates

September 2012

Major Updates/Revisions
Teacher Process
Principal/AP Process Manual
NC State Board of Education and DPI page updated


Table of Contents revised to reflect changes


Definitions updated: artifact, performance rating scale, status


Professional Standards updated
Standard 6 added
Standard 8 added
Explanation of the Rubric revised


Directions for Completing the Rubric revised


Summary Rating Form revised: “End-of-Year” added to title and new standard added
Summary/End-of-Year Rating Form:
Standard 6 added
Evaluation Rating Form:
Standard 8 added
Directions for Scoring the Summary/End-of-Year Rating Form revised


Preliminary Goals Form renamed “Goal Development Form”


State Board Policy for Abbreviated Evaluations added along with further directions

Example of Completing the Rubric for observation along with Example of Scoring Summary Rating Sheet removed

Note: Summary Rating Sheet is available online.

Evaluation Process Comparison Chart added

January 23, 2013: Inter-Rater Reliability for Watauga County Schools

October 2, 2012: NCEES Opportunities

1. Improving the Reports Section of NCEES

We would like your input on the reports available in NCEES. Please complete this brief survey before Sept. 21, 2012. http://tinyurl.com/ReportSurvey12

2. NCEES Webinar Series Continues

Mentoring: This webinar will provide you with an opportunity to review the process of mentoring probationary teachers. The following areas will be reviewed during the webinar:

  • North Carolina State Board of Education policy on the Beginning Teacher Support Program
  • NC Beginning Teacher Guidelines for the 21st Century Professional
  • Demonstrate assigning a mentor in the online tool
  • Demonstrate how the mentor accesses, reviews, and authenticates the Professional Development Plan
  • Demonstrate using the Rubric for Evaluating NC Teachers to complete a peer observation
  • Access New Teacher Support Data in the North Carolina Teacher Working Conditions Survey

This webinar will be offered four times during September. Please select a date and time to fit your schedule. Click this link to register: http://ncees.ncdpi.wikispaces.net/Upcoming+Webinars

3. NC Teacher Standards and Evaluation Process: Facilitated Course for Teachers

We would like to introduce a six week, facilitator-led module designed for teachers. This module, North Carolina Teacher Standards and Evaluation Process, provides an in-depth look at the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards and will help teachers understand their role in the evaluation process as well as deepen their understanding of the six professional teaching standards.

The module is available at no cost to North Carolina teachers and will be facilitated by DPI professionals. The course will take approximately 20 hours to complete over a period of six weeks, and teachers will earn 2 CEUs upon completion. 4 sections are being offered at present. There is a limit of 23 participants per section. Click this link to register: https://ncelearning.org/sectionsopen

October 1, 2012: NCEES Wiki Site Outline

If you have visited the NCEES wiki as of late, you have noticed some major changes have taken place. In an effort to make the wiki more user-friendly, the NCEES wiki has experienced a major overhaul. Tags have been added to all documents to make your searches more effective and efficient, and the design is much more precise. For a breakdown of the navigation, click here.

September 27, 2012: Answers to NC Evaluation Process Questions Posed at Northwest RESA on 9/27/12

Q. What is the policy for moving a teacher from a regular growth plan to a monitored growth plan mid-year?

A. This is a local decision. Speak with your Human Resources department to determine what your LEA's process is.

Q. Can District B view a PDP a teacher developed in District A last year if the teacher is now in District B? (I know the teacher can view previous year’s PDPs in pdf form. We just don’t know about district-level access.

A. Districts have NO access to teacher evaluation data collected in another district.

Q.Some administrators are concerned about what the state does with comments on the observation rubric. Does the state monitor or read the comments? If so, what does the state do with these comments? Can these comments be a detriment in any way to the teacher being observed?

A. NCDPI does not actively monitor this aspect of the observation process (in fact, it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to see it). We only monitor completion of the process as dictated by SBE Policy, and this monitoring is done in the aggregate. There seems to be a belief about the DPI role in this process that has us far deeper in the personnel policy” than we are even allowed to operate.

Q. Several folks have had issues with ILTs clicking the finished box on their self-assessment and having the “principal view” box automatically check. Then, they cannot get the box to uncheck. Is this a problem others have experienced? If so, is there a fix beside sending a ticket into McREL?

A. There was a recent programming glitch that caused this scenario. It was resolved last week.

August 5, 2012: NCEES Updates

The NC Educator Evaluation online tool has been updated for the 2012-2013 school year. You will find a list of the updates and some screenshots on the front page of the NCEES wiki. The link is http://ncees.ncdpi.wikispaces.net/NCEES+Wiki.

In addition, we are offering webinars on tips and strategies for getting started in the online tool. The webinars are offered multiple times so choose the time that best fits your schedule. The links for registering are below and will also be available on the NCEES wiki. These webinars are for district contacts, principals, and teachers. Please feel free to share the links with your colleagues.

Aug 16 9:00-11:00 AM


Aug 16 1:00-3:00 PM


Aug 22 8:30-10:30 AM


Aug 22 11:30-1:30 PM


Sept 4 3:30-5:30PM


July 31, 2012: NCEES Online Tool Updates

Based on user feedback, several updates have been made to the online tool this summer. These changes offer a deeper alignment of functionality, and resolve some redundancy issues with the generation of Professional Development Plans. These basic updates include the following:

1. Record of Teacher Activity form is now automatically created for all teachers.

2. Record of Teacher Activity form is now accompanied by a "refresh" icon, this icon is only viewable by administrator class accounts. This allows administrators to remove all text and signatures added to this form, comparable to their previous ability to "delete", without actually removing the form from the system.

3. There is a limit of one Summary Rating Form per teacher, per year.

4. The school year drop down under the Teacher Observation Manager has been moved from the top right hand side of the interface, to the left hand side, above the staff list. This mirrors the interface found under the Principal Evaluation System.

5. Teachers will receive a warning message if they attempt to create a Preliminary Professional Development plan if a roll over Professional Development Plan form exists for them.

6. A rollover Professional Development Plan for the next year will be automatically created when the current year Summary Rating Form is signed / completed.

7. Stand alone Professional Development Plans (not affiliated with a Summary Rating Form) are no longer a form available for creation by a principal.

8. A rollover Professional Development Plan for the next year is automatically generated by the system and available for editing within the current school year once the Summary Rating Form is signed. It will appear below the Summary Rating Form to the right of a green arrow indicating the forms are linked. Editing is limited to the first tab of PDP until the new school year begins.

9. It is now possible to email copies of the Summary Rating Form from the Teacher Observation Manager. This is the same functionality as the current ability to email Teacher Observations.

10. The Teacher comment box on the Summary Rating form now appears grey, the same as other forms with comment boxes in the system.

11. Mentor assignments for Professional Development Forms and Preliminary Professional Development forms now appear under the correct headings when viewed under the Teacher Peer Assessment Manager.

12. Professional Development Plans now have a more straightforward naming convention (i.e., Professional Development Plan for 2012-13, Preliminary PDP for 2012-13) rather than the “based-on” naming convention.