Google Docs is an online tool available in Google Drive that allows users to create and share word processing documents and access them from anywhere.
Google Forms is an online tool available in Google Drive that allows users to easily create surveys to gather feedback.

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Task #1: If you do not already have Gmail, create a free account and access your free Google Drive from the upper right hand corner.

Task #2: Create an agenda for your next staff meeting.

Task #3: Create a form to gather feedback from your staff about a topic by clicking Create, then Form, from the Google drive home page.

Administrative ImplicationsUse Google Docs to work collaboratively on staff meeting agendas. Share the doc with staff members so you do not have to use paper copies or email different versions of the agenda any time there are revisions. Use the comment feature to gather feedback from others. Use Google docs for grade level or department collaboration. Google drive is a safer location to store notes and other important files because they can be accessed from any computer. Create an end of year checklist for teachers and share it or upload your student handbook or school improvement plan to collaboratively edit and make comments as a staff.

Use Google forms to gather feedback from your staff, create a discipline tracking form, or a walk-through observation form.

Classroom Implications
Students can write collaboratively on the same document even at the same time using Google docs. They can also enter reflective journal entries and share with the teacher. The teacher can then go in and post comments rather than having to carry journals back and forth to and from school. Teachers can use Google docs to create a collaborative lesson plan or to keep records of grade level or team meeting notes.

Students can use Google forms to collect, share, and analyze data. Students can sign up for activities and schedule student/teacher conferences.

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