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Tips and Reminders

When creating a benchmark assessment, remember to:
  • Follow pre-determined naming convention.
  • Choose "Benchmark Test" for the test category.
  • Create a manual test.
  • Tests at the "Ready to Schedule" stage may not be edited or revised. Content and properties are locked at this stage.
    • Tests may stay at the "Ready to Schedule" stage until the is ready to assign.

Assigning a Test--Phrases Defined

  • Assign to students: "Assign the test to a set of students; teachers are required to administer the test.
  • Recommend to teachers: "Recommend the test to teachers as a potential test they may wish to use, (but are not required to)."
  • Recommend to schools: "Recommend the test to school-level test administrators who may then assign the test to a teacher or section. This option is available to district-level test administrators only. Use it to recommend to schools when you do not have sufficient knowledge of the courses at each school to assign the test to courses."

Definitions are from the Scheduling Tests Quick Reference Card.



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