Blogger is a free Google tool for creating a blog. A blog, or web-log, is a form of an online journal.

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Task #1: Log in to your gmail account and then go to

Task #2: Decide on a theme for your first blog. Consider creating a reflective blog about issues as you work to model effective technology use. Click start new blog, give it a title, and choose a template.

Task #3: Add a post, photo, or video. Save and click on the view blog button at the top of your dashboard to see your published blog.

Administrative Implications
Start a principal blog with posts for teachers, students, and/or parents. Use it to share resources or relevant information with stakeholders. Blogs can be embedded on your school web page so you can quickly share news and information with others.

Classroom Implications

Teachers can use blogging for reflections or to share resources with others. It can also be used with students to encourage participation in discussions.

Additional Resources
Some Great Blogs


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