Aurasma is a tool for creating augmented reality where videos are superimposed over static images.

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Auras can be created using a free app or on a computer using the free Aurasma Studio. We will focus on the app.

Task #1: Download the Aurasma app to your phone or tablet. You must use a device with a camera.

Task #2: Create a new aura by recording a video overlay of an introduction to who you are.

Task #3: Add a trigger image of you or your school logo.

Administrative Implications
Administrators can use Aurasma to introduce themselves to students and parents by creating a video introduction or school tour and using the front of the school building or a business card as a trigger image. Have your teachers record videos about themselves as overlays and create an interactive faculty photo wall or use a syllabus as a trigger image.

Classroom Implications

Teachers can use Aurasma to create homework video lessons so parents can view them when a student brings home a worksheet or assignment. Create videos of students acting out parts of a book and use the book cover as the trigger image. Create interactive bulletin boards for open house or create a living art gallery. Check out the additional resources section for links to websites with many more ideas.

Additional Resources

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Directions for Using the Aurasma App

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