The goal of vocabulary instruction is for students to know words well, be able to explain them, and use them in multiple contexts.

"Words are not just words. They are the nexus—the interface—between communication and thought. When we read, it is through words that we build, refine, and modify our knowledge. What makes vocabulary valuable and important is not the words themselves so much as the understandings they afford."
Marilyn Jager Adams (from Appendix A of the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts)

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Standard Ia: Teachers Demonstrate Leadership: Teachers lead in their classrooms.

Standard III: Teachers Know the Content They Teach:
IIIa: Teachers align their instruction with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.
IIIc: Teachers recognize the interconnectedness of content areas/disciplines.

Standard IVc: Teachers Facilitate Learning for Their Students: Teachers use a variety of instructional methods..




Learning Target

10 minutes
Pre-Assessment and Welcome
In this part of the session I can:
  • Add to the grafitti write for what you currently know about academic vocabulary
  • Access the website where today's materials are housed
  • Meet the presenters
15 minutes
Overview of Academic Vocabulary
In this part of the session I can:
  • Describe the three tiers of academic vocabulary
  • Identify tiered vocabulary words in a sample text
25 minutes
Identifying Tier 2 Vocabulary Words
In this part of the session I can:
  • Collaborate with peers to determine which vocabulary words are tier 2 and should be taught to students
25 minutes
Teacher Tools
In this part of the session I can:
  • Understand the rubric that can be used to identify tier two vocabulary words
  • Identify tier 2 words in my classroom text that students may not know
  • Use the academic vocabulary rubric to determine which words to teach
  • Identify strategies for teaching academic vocabulary words
10 minutes
Discuss Presentation Applications
In this part of the session I can:
  • Discuss how to present information learned to other teachers
5 minutes
In this part of the session I can:
  • Provide feedback to the presenters
ELA Live Binder Self Study for Academic Vocabulary- Click on Vocabulary Tab for Self-Study
Click on How to Select Words Tab for ELA CCSS Appendix A section with answers to Sample Text

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