October 2, 2012: Curriculum and Instruction Region 7 Updates

Upcoming DPI RESA Trainings

October 1-2: Social Studies Unit Development with Ann Carlock and Michelle McLaughlin (at RESA)

October 9: ELA/Math Content Support with Anna Frost and Dan Tetreault (ELA at RESA; Math at Stone Center)

October 19: EVAAS Training with Heather Mullins and Greg McKnight (at Stone Center)

October 23: Fidelity Check with Heather Mullins and Joyce Gardner – Please bring a small group of leaders who were members of your Summer Institute team. (at RESA)

October 25: Creating a 21st Century Classroom Training with Heather Mullins and Jessica Gardner (at RESA)

October 26: ITES Training with Melanie Honeycutt (at RESA)

*Register at www.nwresa.org. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

One Pertinent Resource

The focus of The Teaching Channel weekly email this week is Reading like a Historian.

Click on this link for some classroom videos that address Sourcing, Contextualization, and Corroboration.

Don’t forget to access the CCSSO documents on the Region 7 wiki that address Literacy Q and A in core subject areas. I reposted these today on the Principals’ Page. These documents are comprehensive guides to support site-based an district-level administrators as they work with teachers to understand their roles in teaching literacy.

August 13, 2012: Legislative Updates - August 2012

Click here to access the August updates.

This update includes:
  • K-3 Literacy Initiative
  • Data Collection on Military Students
  • School Performance Grades
  • CPR Certification as Graduation Requirement•Revisions to Elementary Licensure